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Welcome to FluxGarden!

The Simplest Backlink-y Digital Garden app to host both your public and private sense-making.

No idea is an island: everything is connected. And no idea is ever finished (except in retrospect).

So writing in a system that lets your refine an idea, jump off in a new direction, re-connect, re-discover, and refine again, probably works better for your thinking.

And sometimes variations of those ideas belong in public and sometimes they don't. So making it easy to switch spaces, and cut/paste from one to the other, with the same formatting, is handy.

So FluxGarden keeps it simple.

You get 2 gardens: 1 private ("inner") and 1 public ("outer") (for an example, see mine). (Under the same subdomain which you pick, like "alice.flux.garden".) Both spaces give you:


Everything is browser-based, so:

For a little more flavor, see Getting Started With FluxGarden (which includes a video).

Who makes this?

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